Who we are

Workshop & Design is a company that operates in the development of software solutions, mobile applications, IoT constantly striving to seek intelligent solutions for its customers, we believe that technology has no value by itself.

Technology has value when it creates relationships with customers by transforming their processes and their working methodology.

Founded in Turin in 2001, it currently has a complete and dynamic team capable of covering the development activities of mobile applications and software following the “Agile” methodology.

We are able to design customized contents and experiences mainly in the retail, museum, banking, industry and real estate sectors.

Our proximity marketing solutions allow you to achieve an unprecedented level of user engagement, creating unique experiences.

The omnichannel nature of our methodology allows, also through multimedia and non-multimedia installations, to achieve the objectives set by the customer.

Workshop & Design proposes itself to its Customers as the ideal technological partner.


What do we do

In Workshop & Design, we develop and design software and mobile applications with “agile” methodology. We follow each phase of project implementation in a complete and detailed manner, starting from the analysis, technology, UI and UX study, development up to the final delivery and testing phase.

Thanks to our working “framework”, we are able to manage the development of multiple projects simultaneously ensuring the control of quality standards and compliance with miles stones.

We develop native and hybrid Android and iOS mobile applications with the React Native frame work, to ensure maximum interoperability we provide complete assistance to the client also for the development of api.

Our team is able to manage complex cloud infrastructures and IoT sensor networks (LoRaWan, BacNet, NBIoT etc..)


We provide support for
infrastructure design and data migration,
in full compliance with security policies.

Risk and security assessment

We are the ideal partner
to protect your business.


Energy management and
Demand/Responsive analysis

Network Management

Design and maintenance of
complex data infrastructures

Workshop & Design develops and distributes the following products:

The proximity platform
marketing and museum content
most used in Italy.

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The EoT platform for the
consumption management in
Real Estate world.

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The management software
for the world
of Retail.

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We work with

Help Desk

Our staff made up of qualified technicians
Service is avaible through our telephone Help Desk
Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 18.30.